In 2005, Jarrett Moore of troop 371 designed and installed a 1.2 mile trail at the Forest Ecology Preserve for his Eagle Project. This trail allows visitors to take a cross country hike using a compass and identify plants along the way. Taking this hike fulfills the orienteering part of First Class requirement #2. Identifying 10 plants along the way fulfills First Class requirement #6.

The trail starts at the "Compass Trail" kiosk which is at the end of the "Handicap Trail."

The kiosk should have trail instructions and a brochure on how to use a map and compass but if you are planning to hike this trail, it would be a good idea to print your own from the links below in case the supply at the kiosk is depleted.

Keep in mind that this hike IS "cross country" and plan accordingly. Insect repellent is recommended to avoid ticks and chiggers. This is a very difficult hike when the underbrush is thick in mid summer. It is an easy hike in winter.