Camp Rainey Mountain 2015

On Sunday morning, June 14th, 18 scouts and 5 adults departed for the north Georgia mountains to spend a week at summer camp at Camp Rainey Mountain. CRM is the Northeast Georgia Council's summer camp located just outside the town of Clayton, Georgia.

Of the 18 scouts, most decided to fill their schedules with merit badge classes, but a few took part of the First Year Camper program, aptly named "The New Trail". One scout, Brandon, chose to participate in the "Gold Rush" program for older scouts. Considering the friends he made, we think he had an enjoyable week.

With nearly 1000 campers in the camp that week, there was always something going on. Our troop became known in our little corner of camp as "the musicians", serenading the nearby troops each night. So much that they cooked a wonderful dutch oven dessert for us one night for a time of fellowship.

This particular week was the hottest to that point of the summer.