Camp Daniel Boone 2012

Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina was our summer destination in 2012.


We arrived at Camp Daniel Boone around 4:30 Eastern time. Our campsite is in the heart of camp, close to everything. The scouts have just finished supper, and are exploring the camp. We will have a relaxed evening and morning, and then go through the check-in process around 1 p.m.


The scouts had a relaxing Sunday. Swim tests were postponed to another time, due to threatening weather. It is hot during the day, but cools rapidly once the sun goes down. The troop is at Vespers service now, and we will attend the opening campfire at 9:00 p.m. Scouts start classes tomorrow morning.


Troop 371 scouts are doing well at Camp Daniel Boone. Many have finished most of their merit badge classes by Thursday evening. No bandages have been dispensed to my knowledge.

Seven older scouts (Jackson, David Paul, Hunter, David, Spencer, Logan, Ted Wages) and Mr. Hung plan to hike from camp to the summit of Cold Mountain on Friday (about 11 miles round-trip, climbing 2800 feet).

The rest of the troop will finish up classes and prepare for the trip home. The tentative plan is to leave camp after an early breakfast.