Eagle ScoutDate
1Paul Blanton Davis11/1/2001
2Landie Benjamin Fowler11/8/2001
3Hiram Harmon Rogers6/20/2002
4Robert Calvin Smith8/22/2002
5Mark Timothy Fowler9/5/2002
6Aaron Benjamin Hung9/5/2002
7Zachary Ryan Smith12/16/2002
8Tommy Michael James Jr.7/13/2004
9Dylan Gartrell Pugh7/13/2004
10Kurt Richard Maurer3/29/2005
11Zachary David Hung3/29/2005
12Jarrett Dayton Moore4/6/2005
13Jordan Richard Steven Jensen4/6/2005
14Ross Aric Bagwell4/7/2005
15Jon Matthew McDonald11/7/2005
16John Dow3/20/2006
17Jonathan Edwards Reeves5/20/2009
18Michael R.S.L. Jensen3/1/2010
19Charles Graham Goodner5/3/2010
20Gary Martin Durbin6/22/2010
21Josiah William McVay11/15/2011
22Herbert John Schulingkamp IV7/17/2012
23Winston Cooper Durbin11/20/2012
24Jackson Boyd Reeves3/19/2013
25Isaac Ahn11/26/2013
26Paul Henry Gue4/15/2014
27Logan Turner12/16/2014
28Patrick Hoff7/28/2015
29Ted Wages7/28/2015
30Jordan Sibley10/20/2015
31Connor Sumner4/19/2016
32Brandon Eddy8/16/2016
33Justin Walker9/19/2017
34Michael Key3/20/2018
35Wilson Reaves10/16/2018
36Joseph Abram5/14/2019
Troop 371 has a long history of producing Eagle Scouts. This page lists the names and Eagle dates for the young men from Troop 371 who have achieved this highest rank in Scouting.

Our Leaders and Parents who are Eagles:
Joel Moore - Committee Chair
John Hung - Assistant Scoutmaster
James Gillespie - Assistant Scoutmaster
Jordan Sibley - Assistant Scoutmaster
Glenn Sollie - Charter Organization Representative
Bill Hutto - Committee Member
Tommy Abernathy - Committee Member
David Estep - Parent
George Allers - Parent
Mike Hamilton - Parent
Jon Branyon - Parent
John Benefield - Parent